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Complete ASCII Table

ASCII – The American Standard Code for Information Interchange is one of the most important encodings for characters. 

Its characteristics are that it is quite old and quite small compared to newer encodings like UNICODE, but it still is alive as a basic standard for uncountable applications.

Published in 1963, every programmer and computer or it specialist should now about this – in terms of computing history – prehistoric standard.

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The 7bit encoded ASCII Table is sectioned in the following parts. The sections have been marked with colors in this table.

Control Characters (0 – 31 and 127)
Special Charachters (33 – 47 and 58 – 64 and 91 – 96 and 123-126)
Numbers (48 – 58)
lower case letters (97-122)
Capital Letters (65 – 90)


BinHexDezASCII CharacterArtExplanation
00x00NULControl CharacterNULL-Symbol. Primarily used to mark sections in data streams. Usually has no effect.
10x11SOHControl CharacterStart Of Heading – First symbol of a messages’ headline
100x22STXControl CharacterStart Of Text – First symbol of a messages’ text (and the last of a headline).
110x33ETXControl CharacterEnd Of Text
1000x44EOTControl CharacterEnd Of Transmission
1010x55ENQControl CharacterEnquiry – Marks, that a response is requested.
1100x66ACKControl CharacterAcknowledgment – Hint, that receiver received message.
1110x77BELControl CharacterRing / Bell (from the good old teletypewriter days)
10000x88BSControl CharacterBackspace
10010x99TAB (HT)Control CharacterTabulator (horizontal)
10100xa10LFControl CharacterLine Feed – keep horizontal spacing in next line
10110xb11VTControl Charactervertical tabulator
11000xc12FFControl CharacterForm Feed – Sets cursor to tabulator of a previous line.
11010xd13CRControl CharacterCarriage Return – Removes all tabulators and sets cursor to the first position in the line.
11100xe14SOControl Character
11110xf15SIControl Character 
100000x1016DLEControl Character 
100010x1117DC1Control Character 
100100x1218DC2Control Character 
100110x1319DC3Control Character 
101000x1420DC4Control Character 
101010x1521NAKControl CharacterNegative Acknowlegdement – Receiver gives a negative response.
101100x1622SYNControl Character 
101110x1723ETBControl CharacterEnd Of Transmission Block
110000x1824CANControl CharacterCancel
110010x1925EMControl CharacterEnd Of Medium
110100x1a26SUBControl CharacterSubstitute
110110x1b27ESCControl CharacterEscape
111000x1c28FSControl CharacterFile Seperator
111010x1d29GSControl CharacterGroup Separator
111100x1e30RSControl CharacterRecord Seperator
111110x1f31USControl CharacterUnit Seperator
1000000x2032SPSpecial CharacterSpace symbol
1000010x2133!Special Character Exclamation mark
1000100x2234Special Characterlower quotation marks
1000110x2335#Special Character Hashtag, “Fence”
1001000x2436$Special Character Dollar Symbol
1001010x2537%Special Character Percent Symbol
1001100x2638&Special Characterampersand, and
1001110x2739Special Charactercomma
1010000x2840(Special Characterround bracket left
1010010x2941)Special Characterround bracket right
1010100x2a42*Special Characterlegendary character number 42 (“ * “ represents for example arbitrary characters).
1010110x2b43+Special Character Plus Symbol
1011000x2c44,Special Character 
1011010x2d45Special Character Minus Symbol
1011100x2e46.Special Character Point, Full Stop
1011110x2f47/Special Character Slash
1110100x3a58:Special Character colon, double dot
1110110x3b59;Special Character Semikolon
1111000x3c60<Special Charactersmaller than
1111010x3d61=Special Characterequals
1111100x3e62>Special Charactergreater than
1111110x3f63?Special CharacterQuestion Mark
10000000x4064@Special Charactercommercial at
10000010x4165ACapital Letter 
10000100x4266BCapital Letter 
10000110x4367CCapital Letter 
10001000x4468DCapital Letter 
10001010x4569ECapital Letter 
10001100x4670FCapital Letter 
10001110x4771GCapital Letter 
10010000x4872HCapital Letter 
10010010x4973ICapital Letter 
10010100x4a74JCapital Letter 
10010110x4b75KCapital Letter 
10011000x4c76LCapital Letter 
10011010x4d77MCapital Letter 
10011100x4e78NCapital Letter 
10011110x4f79OCapital Letter 
10100000x5080PCapital Letter 
10100010x5181QCapital Letter 
10100100x5282RCapital Letter 
10100110x5383SCapital Letter 
10101000x5484TCapital Letter 
10101010x5585UCapital Letter 
10101100x5686VCapital Letter 
10101110x5787WCapital Letter 
10110000x5888XCapital Letter 
10110010x5989YCapital Letter 
10110100x5a90ZCapital Letter 
10110110x5b91[Special Charactersquare bracket left
10111000x5c92\Special CharacterBackslash
10111010x5d93]Special Charactersquare bracket right
10111100x5e94^Special Charactercircumflex
10111110x5f95_Special Characterunderscore
11000000x6096`Special Character 
11000010x6197alower case letter 
11000100x6298blower case letter 
11000110x6399clower case letter 
11001000x64100dlower case letter 
11001010x65101elower case letter 
11001100x66102flower case letter 
11001110x67103glower case letter 
11010000x68104hlower case letter 
11010010x69105ilower case letter 
11010100x6a106jlower case letter 
11010110x6b107klower case letter 
11011000x6c108llower case letter 
11011010x6d109mlower case letter 
11011100x6e110nlower case letter 
11011110x6f111olower case letter 
11100000x70112plower case letter 
11100010x71113qlower case letter 
11100100x72114rlower case letter 
11100110x73115slower case letter 
11101000x74116tlower case letter 
11101010x75117ulower case letter 
11101100x76118vlower case letter 
11101110x77119wlower case letter 
11110000x78120xlower case letter 
11110010x79121ylower case letter 
11110100x7a122zlower case letter 
11110110x7b123{Special Characterbraceleft, left brace
11111000x7c124|Special Character 
11111010x7d125}Special Characterbraceright, closing curly bracket
11111100x7e126~Special Charactertilde, swung dash
11111110x7f127DELControl CharacterDelete

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