April 20, 2024

German Umlauts in Unicode and HTML

If you have a German keyboard it is very easy to type the Umlauts like äöü and also the “sharp s” ß, as the German keyboard layout has these characters directly on the layout.

If you have another keyboard or you are trying to make sure your HTML document should be readable on other computers that use other encodings you should take a look at the table below.

CharacterUnicode NumberHTML EntityHTML Unicode call

Quick Tip

You can easily type all Unicode Characters on your keyboard by using

ALT+<Number of Character in Unicode Table on Numpad>

Keep ALT pressed while doing this. The Numpad must be activated on your keyboard.

Example: ä is ALT+0228

Did you know …?

German Umlauts and the sharp s can also be written like this:

Ä äAE ae
Ö öOE oe
Ü üUE ue
(in some cases also sz)

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