April 20, 2024

HTML Code Generator for automated forwarding

After moving your website to another server or after modifying the hierarchical structure of a website you may face the problem, that old backlinks lead your visitors to “404 – Page not found” sites. Visitors don’t like to search for your new contents and just leave your site which means decreasing user traffic on your website.

To prevent this problem you can use automatic HTML-Forwarding which can be done easily and is compatible with most of all web browsers.

The HTML code generator on this site helps you to generate your own forwarding page. Just enter your paramters and copy the resulting code of the generator to your HTML- or PHP-file that shall do the forwarding. This service is free and no registration is needed.

Code-Generator for automatic HTML-forwarding

Forward to:

This is the address you want a visitor to be forwarded.
Important: Enter URL with ‘https://’

After the timeout (in seconds) the forwarding will start. Enter some forwarding text for your visitors to give them a hint what is going on. Can be set to 0.
Forwarding text:

This text is shown while forwarding.

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