June 18, 2024

HTML and BBCode Generator for clickable website banners

Easily create your Code for your website Banner as HTML for your website or as BBCode for forums.

Just enter the metadata of your Banner and click on Generate Code. This service is completely free!

Codegenerator for clickable website banners

Codegenerator für Anklickbare Banner

Die Zieladresse ist die Adresse Ihrer Homepage, also z.B. http://www.Computer-Masters.de/
Wichtig: Geben Sie die Adresse mit ‘http://’ an!
The banner address is the URL to your banner on the internet. Enter an absolute address starting with “https://”. Relative URLs will not work!
Example: http://www.computer-masters.de/tl_files/cmde/img/banner_468x60.png
Banners of this type usually have a resolution of 468×60 pixels..
Mouseover Text:
This Text appears on mouseover of the banner image.

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